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Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can often be caused by posture problems.  If you sit at a desk all day and do not stretch, your can easily lean over a little too much and put too much pressure on the discs.

A common problem is having weak back muscles that make the pressure on the spinal discs too strong.  If you have weak muscles, the pressure can be too much on the disc and it can bulge out or prolapse.

Stretching is very important for upper back pain.  If you sit at your desk all day and do not move, the muscles can freeze up.  Once they get too tight, they put pressure on the nerves coming from the spine.

If the muscles are very tight, they can actually cause nerve dysfunction that can affect your arms and hands.  It is not uncommon for carpal tunnel to be caused by a nerve compression in the shoulders or upper back.

When you block  the normal blood flow to the nerves by having tight muscles, the nerves can be damaged.  You are, in essence, starving your nerves and other tissue of blood flow that keeps it alive.  If you stretch and take all your supplements such as magnesium, it will make it less likely you will have nerve compression.

http://www.lowerback-painrelief.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/stretch-5-300x219.jpg   http://www.lowerback-painrelief.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/stretch-1.jpg  Stretching like this throughout the day can be very helpful to relieve tightness and pain.

One really common cause of upper back pain is this:

http://www.lowerback-painrelief.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/migraines-9.jpg  Is this how you sit all day?  Perhaps not that bad, but perhaps not too well either.

We all tend to slouch over a bit too much at the computer.  It is easy to not get up and move like you need to.  You might have a tyrant boss who wants you to sit at your desk all day.

If your upper back pain is caused by a bulging disc, often you can feel a burning sensation close to the spine.  This is caused by the liquid that normally cushions the disc being leaked out and irritating your spinal nerve.  Once the spinal nerve gets irritated by this fluid, or the bulging disc pressing on it, it can make your whole back go into spasms.

Once your muscles are in a spasm, it can be hard to calm them down.  You have to address the underlying inflammation that is going on at the spine.   That is, address the disc problem with Bromelainand glucosamine.  This will help to start to relieve the pain and inflammation.  If you can get acupuncture, that is great to stop muscle spasms.  You can often feel relief within an hour.

If you cannot get acupuncture, you can put herbal patches on your upper back.  You can either use patches with herbs or menthol, or use the heat wraps.  You can also try a heating pad to calm the muscles down.

You must treat the inflammation at the spine to stop the irritation of the nerve.  Once the disc has been damaged, it can leak fluid for a while and the body has to be able to clean up all that extra fluid and tissue damage.  It does that with enzymes.  Your body makes its own enzymes to heal itself and digest your food.  It needs extra enzymes to treat inflammation.



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