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Tendonitis Treatment

In order to effectively treat tendonitis, you need to understand what causes it.  Tendonitis can be caused by trauma.

Repetitive stress issues such as sitting at your desk typing all day, or checking people out at the grocery store, can place a lot of stress on your joints.  Any repetitive motion can cause tendonitis.

When the joint is continually used in repetitive way, it can get inflamed and irritated.  Constant frictioncan cause inflammation.  Your body is trying to heal itself from the damage that has been done from the constant friction.  Inflammation and pain are just your body telling you something is wrong.

Tight muscles can also cause tendonitis.  When the muscles are tight, they can cause your posture or movements to be slightly out of alignment.  They can also put pressure on the nerves and block normal circulation.

Natural remedies for tendonitis:

§  Bromelain- natural anti inflammatory, this can be effective with one pill

§  Ginger root – you will need to take several capsules for any effect, Bromelain is stronger

§  Glucosamine sulfate – this will heal the connective tissue inflammation.  It is a natural anti inflammatory

§  Boswellin cream – rubbed on topically can soak in and relieve pain

§  Turmeric – natural anti inflammatory

§  Devils claw – is a natural anti-arthritis remedy that has been used for centuries

Tendonitis can also be caused by nutrient deficiencies.  I had a wrist inflammation for over 6 months.  After one week on CoQ10, 100 mg per day, the wrist inflammation was gone!  I had no idea that would happen.  CoQ10 is a natural anti-oxidant.  It is even used as a remedy for high blood pressure and congestive heart failure.  It can be expensive, but it is worth it.

Make sure you take your magnesium glycinate to reduce inflammation and relax your muscles.  Taking a good multi vitamin could save a lot of health problems for many people.  There is not substitute for giving your body the nutrients it needs to heal.


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