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Stretching – Important For Back Pain

I have learned from personal experience that a major cause of back pain is tight muscles.  We sit at our desks all day and do not move enough.  This causes the muscles to get tight.  If you do not move or stretch, you get TIGHT.

What I do is gentle stretches.  You can lie in bed, put your leg on the opposite side of your body.  You can feel the tightness in your lower back muscles.  If you just hold it like that for a while, it will gently stretch out your lower back muscles.

I don’t like hard exercise with back pain because it can irritate the nerves in the back.  Just gentle, regular stretching can be extremely effective to relieve back problems.

There are some easy stretches you can do in bed before you get up:



I have found that going up and down stairs is also very good to stretch out the back muscles.  Walking in place, pulling your legs up as high as you can, will stretch your whole back out.


exercises for lower back pain

back pain stretch  — This is my personal favorite.  You can do this inbed.  You just put your leg on the other side and lie there a few minutes.  You will feel your backstretch out.  I do this almost daily and it has made a big difference.


back pain exercises  I would not just exercise, I would stay in that position for a minute and gently let your muscles stretch out.

If you can do this one, I pronounce you healed:

Back pain stretches

Please do not discount how important regular stretching is to relieve and prevent pain.  You will be very surprised how effective it can be.

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