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Sciatica – Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is usually caused by a compression on the sciatic nerve.  If your muscles in your low back and hips are tight, they can easily press on nerves.

A classic symptom of sciatica is when the pain radiates all the way down your leg.  Sometimes it radiates down to your knee only.  If you do not treat it, it can get worse and radiate down to your toe.  It depends on how badly the nerve is compressed.

Sometimes lower back pain and tightness affects the sciatic nerve.  The muscles in the back can easily hurt in one area, while the nerve compression is coming from the other side.

When I do acupuncture, I usually treat both sides of the back.  Even if just one side hurts, it is common to have tight muscles on the other side that pull to make pain on the opposite site.

Acupuncture on your lower back and hips can relax the muscles that are pressing on the nerve.  Since muscles can refer pain and spasms, it is a good idea to treat the lower back also.  With acupuncture, you can treat pain anywhere on the body.  Where there is pain, there is blocked blood flow.  When you get acupuncture, within 20-30 minutes, the muscle will relax.  I also use far infrared heat lamps to improve circulation.

I like Joint advantage gold for sciatica.  It has herbs in it that have been used for arthritis and pain for centuries.  I’ve had great results with that.  You might need to try several things to relieve the pain:

§  Stretching

§  Acupuncture

§  Bromelain

§  Pain Patches – you can get these at a lot of stores.  They can be placed on the lower back and hip area, where the pain is.  They can be very effective to relieve pain.

This is Gall Bladder 30.  It is specific for Sciatica.  It can be extremely effective to restore circulation again.


This is how the Gall bladder meridian flows.  You can see how if there is a blockage on the meridian at the point on the hip, it will block the whole meridian.

    The meridian ends at the end of the little toe.  That is how bad sciatica can get.  It can go all the way down to your little toe.





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