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Sacroiliac Joint Pain


Sometimes lower back pain can be caused by sacroiliac joint problems.  The sacroiliac joint is where your hip bone is connected to your tailbone.  Otherwise known as where the sacrum (sacro) connects to the hip (iliac).

Between these two bones is connective tissue.  It is the same type of tissue in your spinal discs and all joints.  It can get irritated or inflamed.

Sometimes tight muscles in your hip or lower back can cause more pressure on this joint.  Once you relax the muscles with either acupuncture or stretching, the pain can be reduced.

Any time you have joint pain, you can consider taking natural anti-inflammatory supplements likebromelain or glucosamine.  These are natural pain relievers that will help your body to heal.



If you take supplements like glucosamine, it will strengthen all the connective tissue of your body.  Lower back stretches can also help this problem.  It is important to clear out the inflammation, heal the connective tissue and stretch out the muscles.

Gentle lower back stretches can easily be done in your bed, before you get up for the day.  Just stretch and lie there a few minutes to get all the kinks out.  Click here for Back stretches.

Acupuncture can be used to relieve the tight muscles also.  Acupuncture works by relaxing the muscles, improving blood flow and relieving muscle spasm pain.  Improving blood flow with acupuncture will speed your healing.



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