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Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are a way to relieve pressure on the discs in your back.  The theory is that when you stand or sit upright all day, you are putting pressure on the discs in your back and if you use an inversion table, the pressure is taken off the discs to give them a chance to heal.

Since back pain can be caused by either muscle tightness, muscles spasms, disc problems, or a combination of those things, the only way you will know if this will help you is if you rule out muscle tightness first.  If your muscles are tight, no inversion table will help you, because that is not the cause of your problem.  You will also want to address the inflammation of the back.

I do have concerns about people with high blood pressure or other health issues such as weak veinsusing an inversion table.

I do not think that you have to go to such a big angle change that it would cause a problem, but it is worth considering.  I think just a slight change in position is what does it.  From what I have read, you do not put your head down on the floor with it.

Before I bought an inversion table, I would rule out doing back stretches, acupuncture, topical pain patches and creams as well as Joint Advantage Gold. If you do not treat the underlying inflammationand spinal disc problem, I don’t think an inversion table will be a complete remedy.

Please bear in mind, this is just my opinion about inversion tables.  I don’t want the inversion table people getting mad at me.  A lot of people get relief from them.  :)


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