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Herbal Creams For Back Pain Relief


Topical creams can be very effective to improve circulation and relieve pain.

Boswellin cream is one of my favorite pain relief products.  Boswellin is a natural anti inflammatory herb that is used to relieve pain.  It is used in Chinese medicine to resolve blood stagnation.  That is, blood that is stuck in one area and not circulating well.  That could include bruises, which is the external evidence of pooling blood.

Boswellia Serrata — Frankincense

Even if you do not see it, you can have “blood stagnation” in your body.  This is how Chinese medicine explains the cause of pain.  Pain is caused by a lack of circulation.  Once you can get better circulation, your body can heal itself.

Boswellin cream is very thick.  The tube lasts me a long time because so little of it is needed.  This cream also includes cayenne, so be careful to wash your hands thoroughly after use before rubbing near your eyes.

The ingredient description for this is:

Supplement Facts Boswellin cream offers two medicines, Capsaicin and menthyl Salicylate (from Wintergreen),    Active Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate 10%, Capsaicin .025% Other Ingredients: Boswellia serrata extract for Boswellic acids, Vitamin E, and Ascorbyl Palmitate in a vanishing cream base.  Boswellin cream: Boswellin Creamhttp://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=purchiher-20&l=as2&o=1&a=B00014EM2W
I use this cream for pain just about anywhere.  I especially find it useful for foot pain.  It penetrates quickly and relieves foot pain in minutes for me.  For back pain, pain patches and Joint Advantage Gold are my first choices, but this pain cream can help also.



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