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Chronic Inflammation


It is very important to know why you have a chronic inflammation.  If your problem is chronic, there is an underlying issue in your body that is making it impossible for your body to heal.  You will need to try a variety of things to have a full recovery.

If you drink a lot of soft drinks, or even one a day, you can easily be magnesium deficient.  This makes your body very acidic.  It also makes your muscles tight and makes it more likely your posture will be off.  Once your posture either sitting or standing is off, the normal nerve function from your spine can be affected.

If you sit at your desk typing all day, you might end up with tight shoulder muscles, stooped over.  It is very important to stretch your muscles throughout the day.  I learned this the hard way.  I was in a job, sitting at a desk all day.  I did not stretch and did not move a lot.

I ended up with muscles so tight that they compressed the nerves at my shoulder and that causedthoracic outlet syndrome.  If I had not been magnesium and vitamin deficient, I don’t think the problem would have been so bad.

I drank soft drinks daily, severely depleting my body of vitamins and minerals.  I highly recommend Garden of Life Raw vitamins.  You can get them from Amazon.  They are the best vitamins I have used.  Many times the cheaper brands are just not absorbed as well.

For chronic inflammation I would recommend:

§  CoQ10 – natural anti-inflammatory (this cured my wrist inflammation of 8 months)

§  Bromelain – natural anti-inflammatory, I use it for most types of pain

§  Magnesium Glycinate – the best absorbed type is chelated magnesium from Solgar

§  Garden of Life Raw Multi-vitamins – these are enzyme processed to be easily absorbed

§  Vitamin C – I like Ester C

§  Stretching to relieve tension on muscles and joints

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take all the vitamins your body needs.  It is impossible to take enough vitamins these days.  Our constant stress levels and deficient diets can quickly lead to health problems.  Your body needs those vitamins to stay healthy.


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