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Chronic Back Pain And Chinese Medicine



In Chinese Medicine theory, low back pain can be caused by a kidney energy weakness.  Your kidney energy is the foundation of your health in Chinese medicine.  If your kidneys are weak, it is not the organ, it is the ENERGY of the organ.

The Western diagnosis system has nothing to do with Chinese medicine.  Chinese medicine is thousands of years old and treats on a holistic level.  Your kidney organs have nothing to do with a Chinese medicine diagnosis of kidney weakness.

Common symptoms of a kidney deficiency are:

§  Frequent urination

§  Low back pain

§  Knee pain

§  Nighttime urination

§  Urinary incontinence

§  Urgent urination

§  Urination on sneezing

§  Fatigue

§  Insomnia

Symptoms that are associated with the bladder in Western medicine, are usually associated with the health of the kidneys in Chinese medicine.

To have a long and healthy life, it is necessary to keep your kidneys strong.  I always tell people that it is not necessary to wear a diaper in your old age, if you take care of your kidneys.  I recommend seeing your local acupuncturist to have a full evaluation on your kidney energy.

Herbs that strengthen the kidney energy include cordyceps.  Cordyceps is my favorite herb of all time.  It is so good to increase energy levelsendurance and vitality.  I recommend it to almost everyone to improve energy levels.

Chinese herbal formulas are a combination of 4-15 herbs in specific combinations to treat energetic imbalances.  There are formulas for low back pain, fatigue, insomnia, allergies, sinus.  Just about anything that ails you can be treated by Chinese medicine.

If you would like to try Chinese medicine, you can either do acupuncture or herbs or both.  In China, people get acupuncture daily when they have a disorder.  This is not practical for the Western medical system.  So, I see patients twice per week and give them herbs to take daily.  I recommend they take them three times per day.

If patients do not want acupuncture, they can do an herbal prescriptions.  Chinese herbs have certain things they treat and are best for and for other things, acupuncture is best.

Each state licenses acupuncturists differently.  I recommend someone who has a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.  That is a 3-4 year program.  There are acupuncturists who were grandfathered in over 20 years ago who do not have a degree, because they did not exist.

Other practitioners can do acupuncture but not have a degree in it.  I prefer to see someone who has a degree in Chinese medicine.  Make sure to ask what type of training someone has.

I have a Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine.  This program is very rigorous and requires going to school about 30 hours per week for 3-4 years.  It is important to be sure your acupuncturist has studied acupuncture in Graduate school.

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