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Causes Of Back Pain


Back pain can be caused by many things.  The most common causes are tight muscles, muscles that have gone into a spasm and just stay that way and a slipped disc in your spine.

When you sit at a desk all day, your muscles do not get stretched like they need to be.  Sitting at a desk all day is actually more damaging to your back than moving all day.

The body needs to be moved to keep circulation going.  If you do stretches a few times throughout the day, you will be surprised how much better your back feels.  Just bending over several times can relieve the pressure on the muscles and connective tissue.

A slipped disc, or bulging disc can cause pain or not cause pain.  Many people have disc problems but no pain.  They also have pain, but no disc problems.  Medical doctors can do tests to determine if the disc has actually prolapsed or is bulging.  However, those tests are often not conclusive.  It is not always possible to see inside the body with a body scan.

You can get acupuncture to relax the back muscles.  Even if the pain is caused by a slipped disc, the muscles will go into a spasm and the pain can be relieved with acupuncture.  As long as the muscles are tight, they can put pressure on the disc prolapse and make it worse.

In my experience, if a disc ruptures, you can feel a burning pain near your spine.  This is not always the case though.  One the disc ruptures, it can leak fluid onto the nerves.  The fluid irritates the nerve, it feels like acid.  The nerve is irritated from the fluid and then it irritates the muscles, which then get tight or go into spasm.


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