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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is the inflammation of the connective tissue that holds your hand tendons in place.  It can be caused by repetitive usage as well as by having tight shoulder and neck muscles that compress the nerve at the root.

You might hear a lot about carpal tunnel surgery.  I’m a little bit confused as to why surgery would be a good option for this.  If this problem is caused by inflammation, would you not want to treat the inflammation naturally first??????

I’ve never understood the concept of doing surgery on tissue, just because it is inflamed.  It gets swollen when it is inflamed and can block nerve flow to your hands.  It would seem to me that if you can treat the inflammation of the carpal tunnel area, you would not need to cut it up.

Even if you do surgery, that does not mean the inflammation is gone.  You could have surgery and still have pain.  You then not only have to heal the inflammation your had originally, but you will now have to heal the inflammation from the surgery!

Carpal tunnel symptoms include

§  Wrist pain

§  Numbness at night

§  Numbness and tingling going down to your middle finger

The pain and numbness are caused by an inflammation of the connective tissue on the wrist.  If you can treat the inflammation, you should be able to avoid surgery.

If I had carpal tunnel, I would also do stretches.  If you have tight muscles in your shoulder or neck, it is going to irritate the nerves there and make it more likely to cause symptoms along the nerve path.

To diagnose carpal tunnel, it is usually necessary to have numbness or tingling down to the middle finger.  When I had wrist tendonitis and thoracic outlet syndrome, some medical doctors just said I had carpal tunnel.  I did not have the middle finger numbness.  Fortunately, they did not try to operate on me.

I would take bromelain and glucosamine (Joint Advantage Gold) and rub boswellin cream on my wrists as often as needed.  I would also be sure to take enough magnesium for my body to heal the inflammation.

carpal tunnel syndrome natural remedies  See the transverse carpal ligament?  It is simplyconnective tissue that can get inflamed.

It is the same type of connective in your kneesshoulders and back.  You can treat it the same way you treat that. Natural anti inflammatory herbs, enzymes and even herbal plasters.

You can try a variety of things.  Boswellin cream rubbed on your wrists or pain patches that can be bought at drug stores or discount stores.

Just increase the circulation, relieve the inflammation and help the body to heal itself.

I would not recommend acupuncture for this.  It can help, but I think taking herbs is more important.  Chronic inflammation needs to be treated internally.  You can get acupuncture to increase the circulationin your arms and improve your energy levels.

The point is, you can treat pain yourself, in many cases.  Natural remedies can be very helpful to relieve this type of pain.


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