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Back Surgery Facts

Back Surgery Facts


After reviewing all the natural methods to relieve back pain on this site:

§  Herbal plasters

§  Topical pain relief cream

§  Stretches and exercising

§  Glucosamine sulfate to help re-build the disc

§  Herbs to treat the inflammation

§  Enzymes to treat the inflammation- like bromelain

§  Acupuncture – to stop muscles spasms and increase circulation to help the body heal

§  Magnesium supplements to be sure your muscles can relax

You should know about back surgery.  I am not an expert, so you should always consult your medical doctor, but you should be informed of the possible downside of back surgery.

In a disc prolapse, what they usually do is fuse the vertebrae together.  They take out the cushion between the bones and basically screw the two vertebrae together.  They sometimes will use different materials between the bones to “cushion” them.  There are many techniques that are used.

I have heard many stories from my patients.  When you fuse the two vertebrae together, that can put more pressure on the adjacent discs.  This makes it more likely to suffer a problem with disc later.

Since back pain often comes from muscle spasms or tightness, the underlying cause of the pain is not addressed.  So your back can still hurt.

In some cases, back surgery is the only option.  I have heard two cases of people whose discs were completely severed from their spines and they had bits of disc floating around in the back and pressing on a nerve.  I think this is rare though.

As an acupuncturist, I have had good success with treating back pain.  The acupuncture relaxes the muscles.  It usually takes twice weekly appointments for about a month.  If you have underlying health issues, it usually will take longer.


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