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Back Pain From Car Accidents


When you have a car accident, your body often is jolted forward and then back again.  All the muscles and tendons in your back can be stretched and injured.  Once the tissue is damaged, inflammation can set in.

The muscles can also react by going into a spasm.  That is when the nerves are irritated and that then results in the muscles going into a spasm.  Once they start to spasm, you will usually need intervention to stop the muscle spasms.

Sometimes after a car accident, the tissue damage is so severe that the joints are thrown out of alignment.  Even a very small movement of your connective tissue can cause an inflammation in that joint and make it not function normally.  Stretching out your joints is very important to prevent a permanent problem.

The pain you get in a car accident is usually related to connective tissue damage, not actual bonesgoing out of alignment.  The bones are connected to the connective tissue anyway, so the connective tissue should be the focus of the treatment.

To say you are going to re-align your bones is a bit silly to me.  You need to treat the connective tissue.  The muscles and tendons are the things that are injured.  The tissue gets inflamed, that is where the pain usually originates, inflammation.

Be sure to consult with a medical doctor to make sure you did not break any bones.  Once you get the all clear on that, you can use natural remedies to treat the inflammation and pain.

The sooner you get started with natural remedies, the better.  The longer you wait after a car accident, the longer the inflammation has a chance to cause scar tissue and pain.  Once the scar tissue builds up, it will take longer to heal.  Your body can still break down the scar tissue, but it takes a lot longer.

Acupuncture is especially good to break up scar tissue.  It improves circulation in the area being treated, the body can then get blood flow and nutrients to the affected area to heal it.


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