§  Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine, 1999

§  Studied Natural Remedies since 1995

I have been treating patients since 1997.  As an acupuncturist, I get a lot of opportunities to treat chronic pain and see which remedies work for most people.

I was injured on the job in 1995.  I had neuritis, thoracic outlet syndrome, inflamed wrists and elbows.  I saw a lot of medical doctors who told me that they could not help me with my pain.  Their medications did not work for me.

I either had to figure out how to fix it myself, or live with the pain.  I ended up starting acupunctureschool in 1996.  I had so many ailments.  I was my own guinea pig.

I did recover completely from my pain and other health ailments.  It took some time, but I stuck with it and when new things cropped up, I studied until I figured out how to treat them.

I hope this site helps you.  Please feel free to contact me with feedback.



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