Back Pain Relief – How To Stop Back Pain Using Natural Remedies

You do not have to continue to suffer from back pain. I have compiled dozens of remedies that are not listed on this website.  With over 17 years experience treating back pain, I have learned the most common causes and how to treat back pain with effective over the counter remedies.   For updates on […] Keep Reading

Natural Anti Inflammatory Remedies

There are many natural remedies for inflammation and pain.  Herbs and enzymes can be very effective to completely resolve the inflammation by helping your body to heal itself.   Ginger root is an effective anti inflammatory.  You will need to take a lot more pills with this.  It also treats diarrhea and indigestion.  It increases […] Keep Reading

Tendonitis Treatment

In order to effectively treat tendonitis, you need to understand what causes it.  Tendonitis can be caused by trauma. Repetitive stress issues such as sitting at your desk typing all day, or checking people out at the grocery store, can place a lot of stress on your joints.  Any repetitive motion can cause tendonitis. When the joint is […] Keep Reading

Chronic Pain Syndrome

I know what it is like to have chronic pain.  I know the depression that comes with that also. If you have chronic pain, you will need to treat your whole body and get healthy from the inside out.  In Chinese medicine theory, you have pain because you have a lack of circulation.  You can have […] Keep Reading

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

  Sometimes lower back pain can be caused by sacroiliac joint problems.  The sacroiliac joint is where your hip bone is connected to your tailbone.  Otherwise known as where the sacrum (sacro) connects to the hip (iliac). Between these two bones is connective tissue.  It is the same type of tissue in your spinal discs and […] Keep Reading

Sciatica – Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatica is usually caused by a compression on the sciatic nerve.  If your muscles in your low back and hips are tight, they can easily press on nerves. A classic symptom of sciatica is when the pain radiates all the way down your leg.  Sometimes it radiates down to your knee only.  If you do not treat […] Keep Reading

Chronic Back Pain And Chinese Medicine

    In Chinese Medicine theory, low back pain can be caused by a kidney energy weakness.  Your kidney energy is the foundation of your health in Chinese medicine.  If your kidneys are weak, it is not the organ, it is the ENERGY of the organ. The Western diagnosis system has nothing to do with Chinese […] Keep Reading

Back Spasms

    When you have back pain, you can have back spasms.  The muscles can spasm due to the irritation of the nerve coming from the spine. If you have a disc problem, the cushion between your bones can start to wear down.  You can have a gradual wearing down of the disc, or you can have a sudden disc […] Keep Reading

Causes Of Back Pain

  Back pain can be caused by many things.  The most common causes are tight muscles, muscles that have gone into a spasm and just stay that way and a slipped disc in your spine. When you sit at a desk all day, your muscles do not get stretched like they need to be.  Sitting at a desk […] Keep Reading

Back Pain From Car Accidents

  When you have a car accident, your body often is jolted forward and then back again.  All the muscles and tendons in your back can be stretched and injured.  Once the tissue is damaged, inflammation can set in. The muscles can also react by going into a spasm.  That is when the nerves are irritated and that then results in the […] Keep Reading

Acupuncture For Back Pain

Acupuncture can be very effective for back pain.  Acupuncture : §  Relaxes tight muscles §  Relieves muscle spasms §  Restores blood flow to treated areas §  Enhances circulation, so your body can heal itself §  Relieves swelling If you have a muscle spasm and get acupuncture in the muscle, within 20 to 30 minutes, that muscle will relax.  […] Keep Reading

Herbal Plasters For Back Pain Relief

  Herbal plasters have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to relieve pain.  Herbs that relieve pain and restore inflammation are put on a plaster and applied to be left on for 24 hours.  The herbs improve circulation and the fact that they are able to stay there all day and penetrate can be very effective. […] Keep Reading

Herbal Creams For Back Pain Relief

  Topical creams can be very effective to improve circulation and relieve pain. Boswellin cream is one of my favorite pain relief products.  Boswellin is a natural anti inflammatory herb that is used to relieve pain.  It is used in Chinese medicine to resolve blood stagnation.  That is, blood that is stuck in one area and not circulating […] Keep Reading

Back Surgery Facts

(Opinion) After reviewing all the natural methods to relieve back pain on this site: §  Herbal plasters §  Topical pain relief cream §  Stretches and exercising §  Glucosamine sulfate to help re-build the disc §  Herbs to treat the inflammation §  Enzymes to treat the inflammation- like bromelain §  Acupuncture – to stop muscles spasms and increase circulation […] Keep Reading

Inversion Tables

Inversion tables are a way to relieve pressure on the discs in your back.  The theory is that when you stand or sit upright all day, you are putting pressure on the discs in your back and if you use an inversion table, the pressure is taken off the discs to give them a chance to heal. […] Keep Reading

Bromelain For Fast Pain Relief

  Bromelain is an enzyme that is derived from pineapples.  Your body makes its own enzymes to digest food as well as do cellular repair.  When you get older, your body does not make as many enzymes.  Since you have fewer enzymes for cellular repair, you are more likely to have aches and pains for no apparent reason. Bromelain, […] Keep Reading

How Magnesium Treats Back Pain

Your body uses calcium and magnesium to relax and contract muscles.  Calcium is used to contract muscles and magnesium to relax them.  Unfortunately, by most estimates 70 to 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. When you are magnesium deficient, your muscles cannot relax very well.  You can have leg cramps as well as just about any other […] Keep Reading

Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain can often be caused by posture problems.  If you sit at a desk all day and do not stretch, your can easily lean over a little too much and put too much pressure on the discs. A common problem is having weak back muscles that make the pressure on the spinal discs too strong.  If you […] Keep Reading

Glucosamine Sulfate For Back Pain Relief

Glucosamine sulfate has been used for years to heal re-build connective tissue.  The problem with glucosamine is that many people buy the wrong type.  There are glucosamine HCL and Glucosaminesulfate.  The glucosamine HCL is not effective for many people.  The kind to buy is the glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine sulfate is derived from shellfish.  If you have a shellfish allergy, please […] Keep Reading

Lower Back Pain Relief – Top Natural Remedies Guide

To treat pain, you need to address the immediate cause of the pain, which is often inflammation, but you also need to address the long term issues that can cause pain. With back pain, often there is some issue with the disc that cushions your joints. Especially if you are over 40, it is not uncommon to have […] Keep Reading

Stretching – Important For Back Pain

I have learned from personal experience that a major cause of back pain is tight muscles.  We sit at our desks all day and do not move enough.  This causes the muscles to get tight.  If you do not move or stretch, you get TIGHT. What I do is gentle stretches.  You can lie in bed, put […] Keep Reading

Herniated Disc – Bulging Disc

Disc herniation is often caused by relative inactivity and then suddenly lifting something heavy.  If you do not stretch and move your body at all, the connective tissue is not lubricated and as flexible as it should be.  Your muscles are too tight and they are also too weak to lift heavy objects.  If your […] Keep Reading

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel is the inflammation of the connective tissue that holds your hand tendons in place.  It can be caused by repetitive usage as well as by having tight shoulder and neck muscles that compress the nerve at the root. You might hear a lot about carpal tunnel surgery.  I’m a little bit confused as to why surgery would be a […] Keep Reading

Wrist Tendonitis

Wrist tendonitis can be caused by repetitive stress.  It is often caused by sitting at a desk typing all day. The carpal (wrist) bones are like a little puzzle.  They are surrounded by connective tissue and synovial fluid.  This connective tissue is there to protect your joints.  Once the wrists become inflamed, you need to treat […] Keep Reading

Chronic Inflammation

  It is very important to know why you have a chronic inflammation.  If your problem is chronic, there is an underlying issue in your body that is making it impossible for your body to heal.  You will need to try a variety of things to have a full recovery. If you drink a lot […] Keep Reading